beta365手机版 member companies make payments to fund collectively bargained fringe benefits and other industry obligations. These assessments are governed by a formula that seeks to ensure that both vessel operators and stevedores pay fairly into the fund, with some companies paying based on hours paid to workers and others based on tons or units of cargo handled.

The current assessment system has served the industry for decades, and has enabled beta365手机版 members to provide unparalleled benefits to ILWU workers. Current assessment rates may be found in the links below.

2022/2023 Assessment Rates
2022/2023 Watchman’s, Tool Voucher & Passenger Count Assessment Rates
Supplemental Cargo Dues Assessment for Certain COVID Cleaning Costs will cease July 2021
2021/2022 Assessment Rates
2021/2022 Watchman’s, Passenger, & Tool Voucher Assessment Rates
2020/2021 Assessment Rates
2020/2021 Watchman’s, Passenger, & Tool Voucher Assessment Rates
Passenger Sector Assessment Notice – December 2019
2019/2020 Passenger Sector Assessment Rate

Daily Dispatch

beta365手机版 submits daily orders for waterfront labor at 29 ports and works in partnership with the ILWU to dispatch workers on day, afternoon, and night shifts.

Dispatch summaries are compiled by beta365手机版 in the Los Angeles/Long Beach, Seattle, Tacoma and Oakland areas, and are available to view HERE.

Statistical Data

beta365手机版’s Strategic Business Analysis Unit provides a wealth of statistical data for use by the industry and its workforce.