Negotiating Maritime Labor Agreements and Supporting ILWU Workers

beta365手机版 negotiates labor agreements on behalf of its members, covering wages, employee benefits and conditions of employment for workers employed at longshore, marine clerk and walking boss/foreman jobs.

In 2017, the ILWU and beta365手机版 agreed to the first-ever extension, giving a significant boost to the West Coast waterfront as it continues to gain momentum as the leading North American maritime gateway for international trade. Negotiations for a new contract beginning in May 2022. For more information on negotiations click here.

Job Training

ILWU-beta365手机版 training facilities are located in each region along the West Coast, including Wilmington, CA; Oakland, CA; Tacoma, WA; and Portland, OR. Facilities host training sessions for longshore workers, clerks, and casuals in skills necessary to complete jobs in a productive, safe manner. Classes are multiple times a week in each region.

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is a key consideration for beta365手机版. beta365手机版 and its members take a collaborative approach to safety training and security at marine terminals and throughout the supply chain, leading accident rates to fall to all-time lows.

All workers receive comprehensive safety training as part of their initial orientation, and safety lessons are reinforced at job sites daily. beta365手机版 works closely with employers and workers to understand operational issues and to improve jobsite safety. The Joint Area Accident Prevention Committees and their subcommittee workgroups allow beta365手机版 and the ILWU to address workplace safety in each region on the West Coast.

Safety Bulletins are posted regularly by beta365手机版. Bulletins alert ILWU workers and member companies to important information regarding safety.